Styling Series : Painting

Styling Series : Painting By Jeanette Del Zio

I am introducing you to a series of blogposts that will be launched over the next couple of weeks based on styling advice. I get asked many different questions daily and hear so many fears around styling that I thought it would be a great way to combat some styling myths by focusing on different areas of styling that can cause fear when having to make a decision on your own.

Painting and choosing a paint colour can be one of the hardest things as it takes up majority of the vertical surfaces in a home or space. The fear of making a mistake or where to even start can get you twisted into knots and leave you not knowing how to make a decision. By going through and asking yourself some essential questions as well following these steps you will be on your way to making some great styling and painting decisions.

How much natural light does my room get?

Styling Series : Painting

By asking yourself this question, it will allow you to decide how light or dark you are able to go in your paint colour choice. If you get a lot of natural light then warmer neutral tones work but if you do not, you want to make the space feel as bright as possible.

What shape and size is the space?

Looking at the shape and size of a room is also a great way to assist in deciding what to do with your paint colour choice. Small spaces obviously need to be as bright as possible so lighter tones are recommended. Drop ceilings or raked ceilings can be great features so knowing what your space is like and what it is used for will give you a good indication as to wether you can create an amazing feature.

Styling Series : Painting

What kind of mood do I want to create and what style do I want to emulate? Paint and colours are a great way to create mood. Colours create ambiance and have been proven to have links to specific emotions. By asking yourself what kind of mood you want to create then you can narrow down your choices. If you also know what style you are going for then you can research what suits that particular style to assist in your choices.

Will I be looking at reselling in 5 years time? If you are looking at reselling in the near future than it is very important to keep all colour choices as plain and neutral as possible. You want your choices to enhance the space and existing structure of your home so that it can appeal to a broad audience.

Styling Series : Painting

What is my original furniture like and what are the existing prominent colours in the space? By asking yourself or figuring out what patterns or existing colours you have in the home you can narrow down your choices and look at picking colours that complement the existing features.

Happy paint shopping and I hope my helpful tips assist you in narrowing down your choices