Men Behaving Handy has a pool of fully licensed bright sparks (although they prefer to be called electricians) who are eager to help you with your next electrical project.

In fact, we can supply, install and maintain all your electrical products. You can also call on us for:

  • Installing power points & surge protectors
  • Fitting smoke alarms & safety switches
  • Fixing light fittings
  • Completing Switchboard upgrades
  • Wiring & rewiring projects & more.

Handy Tips

Is your property over 20 years old?

Chances are the fuses in your Switchboard won’t protect you against an electrical shock – have us install approved RCDs and Circuit Breakers.

Rental properties without RCDs?

Do you know if your rental property has an RCD? If not, why? As part of Australian law, Electricians can’t work in a building without an RCD installed. We can help you meet the Australian Standards.

Dead or flickering lights?

How many tradesmen does it take to change a light bulb? Just one if you book us! When it’s time to change your light bulbs, it makes economical sense to install LED globes. Although they are more expensive, they’ll last longer and reduce your power bill.

Fill in the Job Request form to request an electrician before a small issue turns into a big problem.